A series of workshops were run by artist, Clair Underhill in conjunction with the projected flood marks, to provide an accessible way for interested visitors to explore the issues raised by the project.

These workshops provided a practical space to explore the possibilities of a city affected by flooding. The workshop artist facilitated informal learning in an environment for the family audience. The tone of the art workshop was fun, creative & explorative. Visitors were encouraged to imagine a future scenario where rising sea levels gradually and increasingly encroach on the city. The participants contributed to a group project where everyone was free to develop ideas and imaginative solutions to address the rising water levels.

Do we retreat and abandon the city, building anew on higher ground? Do we build ever higher flood defenses? The workshop artist introduced visitors to some of these ideas and provided background information. The message that framed the workshops was that water levels will rise slowly. If we act in time and rethink our relationship to water, if we are visionary and pragmatic, perhaps we create places to live in a positive relationship with rising sea levels. Although it has now become almost a cliche, Venice was created out of necessity, under duress in a hostile environment - can we respond in a parallel way for our own time?